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Department of Information and Public Relations Uttar Pradesh

The Information and Public Relations Department functions as a bridge between the Government and the people. The Department shoulders the onerous responsibility of disseminating various programmes, schemes and decisions of the Government and the welfare works undertaken by it among the people through media.Today it is sensitive and a powerful tool of communication. The media is as much sensitive as it is powerful .In such a situation the responsibilities and activities of the Department have assumed greater significance.
The department takes the message of the Government to the people through newspapers, radio, TV, films-documentary, exhibition and songs & drama. Besides, it also brings out different publicity-oriented publications for this purpose. The number of small and medium news papers is very high in the country, specially in Uttar Pradesh. Endeavorin of the department is to provide all possible facilities to the newspapers and journalists so that they not only take the messages of the government to the readers but also provide new directions to the medium of expression. For this purpose teleprinter services had been started in many districts for the convenience of small newspapers.
The Uttar Pradesh Government has started pension/accident insurance scheme for working journalists, Besides, provisions have also been made to provide medical facility up to Rs 50,000/= through the Uttar Pradesh working journalist welfare society formed by the Government to the working journalists for heart, cancer and kidney diseases. To provide necessary facilities to the journalist, committies headed by the districts magistrates and SSPs /SPs have been formed at the district level.
A pension/grant scheme is being implemented by the Department for the journalists who contributed through their writings in freedom movement.
It has become important to collect information, update it and preserve it for future references. At the same time, it has become all the more important to receive this information and transmit it immediately. To achieve this goal, the functioning of the department is being computerised.
Our Publication Bureau performs the job of informing the people about Government policies, schemes, programmes, achievements, etc. through printed literature. Besides, periodic publications, books, booklets, folders, handbills, posters, albums, etc. are published. In addition to this, the speeches of the Chief Minister are also published besides regular publications of the Department. "Uttar Pradesh Sandesh", a monthly newsmagazine which has its reach up to village level and a literary magazine in Urdu "Naya Daur" are also the Department's prestigious regular publications. The department publishes "U. P. Annual" in Hindi and English, an informative diary as well as Panchang.
District Information Offices have been set up in almost all the districts. These district units release press notes on the development works being implemented in districts, and schemes and policies of the Government. Besides, they also organise publicity seminars at districts level. The information center at Delhi does public relation for the state. Keeping in view the interest of the people of Lucknow, a State information Centre has been set up in the state capital. The Centre caters to the literacy, cultural and social requirements of the people. The center has a big library having rare books which have proved very useful for scholars and the candidates appearing in competitive examinations. The Center has also gazettes, rules, acts, reports, etc. for persual of the readers and visitors. It also has a section for children and music lovers.
Under Songs & Drama scheme the government's policies, decisions and achievements are publicised through folk cultural programmes such as Birha, Alha, Bhajans, Kawwali, Puppet show, etc. For this purpose cultural troupes are selected at district level which have appeals in local areas.
The Department organises Exhibitions on different subjects in rural and urban areas of the State from time to time. These exhibitions have proved to be very useful in disseminating the message of the Government. All the districts have been made available the exhibit kits. There are four mobile exhibition vans in the department for exhibition purpose.
The department participates in National festivals such as "phool walon ki sair", Independence Day, Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanti at the State and national levels. This year the State presented its tableau, "Prayag Kumbh Mela" at the time of the Republic Day parade held in Delhi. In the Republic Day parade held in Lucknow, its tableau "Residency" bagged the first prize
The developmental works of the Government, its achievements, schemes and programmes as well as tender notices, appointments, notifications etc. are publicised through advertisements in newspapers.
The Photo-Film unit is engaged in publicity of Government's schemes, programmes, policies, etc. through graphs photo films. Besides, documentries are also being produced for this purpose
Scrutiny Section is an important wing of the department. In the section all the newspapers and magazines published in the State are scrutinised and the reports relating to public grievances, complaints, appreciations etc. brought to the notice of the Government. The unit scruitinises about 3,000 newspapers and magazines of National and local levels .
It also assesses the newspapers for empanelment of government advertisements and press accreditation.
Reference Section stores the reference material on the different sectors and topics on the State. The section is equipped with about 17,026 books and Government reports.
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